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Orgasm or fakegasm, either way a woman’s cervix dips down after her sexual arousal is over and “collects” semen. By the time she gets out her douche and finds the optimal douching position, it is far too late. Alcohol, drugs and even Mountain Dew has no effect on her ability to become pregnant during sex. As always, it is a fantastic idea to use a second form of birth control, like condoms. Any sex position, anywhere, anyhow and with anyone can make a girl pregnant. Most studies show that less than 45% of teens have sex before they leave high school.

Semen are strong swimmers and if conception was going to take place, it has already happened. She can become pregnant during any time during her menstrual cycle. People are also much more likely to become victims of sexual assault or rape when these substances are used, so as a general rule it’s best to keep sex and illegal substances separate. Also for the record, my girlfriend was on birth control when she became pregnant. Backways, frontways, sideways, upsidedownways, it doesn’t matter. If my math is correct, then 55% of teens are NOT having sex in high school – the majority.

But in the way plants and animals that are isolated evolve (or, if you’re a creationist, THE WAY GOD MADE EVERYTHING) their own peculiarities, so does the sex industry in the islands.

A quick note about women from Hawaii: the first thing that strikes tourists from the mainland and the newly relocated is how white people are in the minority.

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