76 interesting facts about dating

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Therefore, we are taking the additional step of providing readers with four examples to illustrate the type of material that was excluded because it did not meet Just Facts’ Standards of Credibility.

* A semi-automatic firearm fires one bullet each time the trigger is pulled, ejects the shell of the fired bullet, and automatically loads another bullet for the next pull of the trigger.

9/11 The Mother of all Conspiracy Theories Is Anything Being Covered up about the Apollo Moon Landings?

Some Apollo Mission Anomalies Possibilities regarding the Apollo anomalies The Nature of the Moon Landings Debate I was born in 1958, and had a fairly typical middle class suburban American childhood (fan of Gilligan's Island and Star Trek).

A membrane in the back of the eye called the tapetum lucidum reflects sunlight back into the eye, so the shark can make more use of what little light is there. Volusia County has more shark attacks than anywhere else in the world. However 90% of these attacks were just bites with very low number of fatalities, so they don’t keep die-hard surfers and swimmers away. If it doesn’t, the shark will leave the rest and swim away. The megamouth shark wasn’t discovered by scientists until 1976, and there have only been 41 known sightings of the species.

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