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High levels of stress hormone may cross the placenta and affect the baby in the womb in a way that carries long-term implications, UK scientists believe.

A Bristol University team found anxiety in late pregnancy was linked to higher cortisol levels in children aged 10.

On the Front Lines is a pro-choice publication, and the majority of our readers support the struggle for the sexual and reproductive rights and health of all person.

About three-fourths of girls in today’s sexually experienced group and 85 percent of boys in this group use contraception, most often a condom, the first time they ever have sex.

In their most recent act of sexual intercourse, almost 86 percent of girls and 93 percent of boys used contraception, again most often a condom.

The birth rate for females aged 15–19 in 2009 was 39.1 births per 1,000 females.

Children whose mothers were overly stressed during pregnancy may themselves be more vulnerable to anxiety as a result, research suggests.

As noted earlier, teenagers are much more sexually active today than they were before the sexual revolution.

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