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by  |  17-Sep-2019 21:53

Sure, the vast and wonderful web has transformed life as we know it over the last decade or two.

And yes, we all know at least one couple whose happily-ever-after-story began “once upon an on-line dating site…” They found their true love this way, and you can too!

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Anything is possible when you let your fingers do the clicking and join the gazillions of men and women looking for love or heaven-only-knows-what-else!

Everyone and their brother is out there sitting in front of a screen, waiting and hoping to connect, exchange email with the hottie of their dreams and maybe, just maybe, even meet her or him at a Starbucks somewhere in between your two lonely screens.

Sometimes, it’s faster to run to the store to get what you need for the same price sans shipping.

So imagine the challenges and limitations of trying to shop for a human being on the web!

Cheryl friends said online and she's got some mental health professionals and dating in forbes magazine as one of the most populous.

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