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“Dost toh hain, par ladkiyan nahin hain (I have friends but none of them girls),” said the caller, Amit, striking a conversation with a perfect stranger, a Mint reporter, who had registered on Bharti Airtel Ltd’s ‘Voice Chat’ service.

The Rs3 a minute charge for the call, nearly thrice of the average cost of a voice call in India, the world’s fastest growing market for mobile phone services, didn’t seem to bother Amit, who said he was a university student in Dehradun. So, sometimes I talk (on Voice Chat),” he said in Hindi.

Sasha had made her Bollywood debut opposite Arjun Kapoor in Aurangzeb, but disappeared from the scene soon.

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Here’s a full list of the winners from the Catapult-A-Startup competition It might be desirable to speculate that Airtel has committed its attention to drive entrepreneurial growth in internet technology startups, but it’s too soon to tell just how much.

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It also allows users to wave at other users and engage in private chats Match Up is one of the 6 startups that were selected as winners in Airtel’s Catapult-A-Startup competition earlier this year, and they won a grant of N1 million.

Yuzah, a diesel logistics and home delivery startup that was selected in Airtel’s Catapult-A-Startup, also partnered with Airtel recently to launch their app that hopes to enhance their company’s prospects in diesel delivery around Nigeria.

Unlike the West, where social networking and dating websites are the preferred destinations for lonely hearts, in India, which counts just two computers for every 100 people, the young—and the old—are using a less rare alternative: mobile phone dating. Users register for the service and are assigned a five-digit code that also acts as their phone number, thus hiding their real phone number.

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