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When I read the script, I thought, This is just amazing - because it wasn't indulgent. Lacie lives in a world where people's status is governed by their rating on social media."I worked with Neil [La Bute] at the Lucille Lortel theater, and then about six months later he sent me a monologue, followed by this full script.

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After all, growing up in England exposed her to the gentleman-like ways of British men from a young age.

Now fully ensconced in American culture thanks to her booming Hollywood career, she's subject to all the dating woes the rest of us have been suffering through — think guys dating multiple girls and cracking penis jokes..

But, Alice learned a thing or two about love and relationships, and she's passing on the knowledge to us.

Just don't expect her to be your full-time dating consultant, because she's got a whole lot of movies on her plate right now.?

The gun might have been installed to remove obstacles and attack enemies.

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