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She is a pink anthropomorphic hedgehog with a cheerful, competitive personality.

Amy is known for her unrequited and obsessive love for the series' main character, Sonic.

Team Sonic was heading to Vancouver to participate in the Winter Olympics! Vanilla and Cream were hosting a big breakfast party for the competitors of Team Sonic to show their support and to wish them all luck in the big competition. Eggman - We'll be honest, no one would've cared if he didn't show in Vancouver - and Metal Sonic was going to attend. He crouched down to Cream's height as she asked."Who are you working with this year?

Sonic the Hedgehog skidded to a stop in front of Cream's house, and headed inside. Tails grinned."When we're ready to go.""When we're ready to go? Having a genius "little brother" always has its perks..."I need you to take attendance when everyone gets here." Tails informed Sonic, who shrugged in reply. Sonic turned around, and almost bumped into Cream and Cheese."Good luck at the Olympics, Sonic! " Sonic scratched the back of his head."I was thinking about working with Silver, actually. There was nothing wrong with Amy, save for her obsession with romance and Sonic.

A lot of different news on Sonic Forces has been dropping these past 24 hours, and now word from Game Informer is that Knuckles, Amy Rose and the Chaotix can be heard communicating to Sonic on the chaos going on near them via radio.

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