Archaeological dating wiki jason alexander and shar jackson reportedly dating

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Provenance analysis has the potential to determine the original source of the materials used, for example, to make a particular artifact.

This can show how far the artifact has traveled and can indicate the existence of systems of exchange.

Archaeologists recovered arrow tips that were laid on top of the body, perhaps as part of a burial ritual, although one tip might have actually penetrated the bone, and could have been the cause of the man's death.

To read about the excavation of a medieval site in Siberia, go to “Fortress of Solitude.” ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND—More than 50,000 artifacts recovered from a site on the southwestern coast of Alaska will be sent back to the area after having been preserved by archaeologists at the University of Aberdeen, according to a report from .

It is often slow and tedious work which involves digging down a centimeter at a time, but can also be backbreaking, difficult toil, shoveling through meters of densely packed soil.

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