Average length of time dating before moving in together

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I get asked a lot of relationship-themed questions given where I work, and one of them is from women with boyfriends who want to know how long to wait for the ring.These aren’t women who have been dating for two months, but rather women who are in long-term relationships. Heck, I even like Cuban food and Salsa dancing and got a B in 12th grade Spanish! If you came here for a week and thought Miami was your new home, here’s 25 realities you need to accept before you make our skyline your background on Facebook (even though you probably already have). Jobs are scarce – People are always trying to move here. You have to drive like a maniac to survive – Everyone in Miami knows the slowest way to get from Point A to Point B is by following all the traffic laws. Nothing runs on time – This becomes infuriatingly clear the first time you arrive on time for dinner – starving - and have to wait an hour and a half until everyone else shows up. It’s frustratingly transient – Living in Miami for an extended period of time is kinda like being the last guy alive at the retirement home. You will be an outsider – You won’t understand the water cooler banter. I mean, so much they’re building a Goddam ark out in Hialeah. You won’t go to the beach after your first year – And every time you plan to, it will rain. Clubs are for tourists – You think anyone who pays these rents can afford a Bud Light? The Spanish thing is no joke – How many 20,000 square foot stores can you name in your hometown with all their signs in Spanish? I wish they would all go back to where they came from. Any city in the world has its idiosyncrasies, its culture, its peculiarities and that makes it special, that makes so many people like it and others not so much. We have many intelligent people in Miami, people who read and laugh and want to be ‘home’ with their loving parents…

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Couples who fell fast in love were engaged after nine months, and married after 18 months.

These couples usually made it to their seventh anniversary before divorcing sometime later.

Ron and Nan Deal are available to help you with the process.

Ron is an excellent presenter and his book The Smart Stepfamily is the most helpful book I know on this topic.

Remember, advocates at The Hotline are always ready to take your call if you need help or support.

Average length of time dating before moving in together

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