Bf3stats not updating scotland dating personals

by  |  27-Feb-2020 17:06

Battlelog shows 38, but it also shows negative expirience points. Now for some reason feed shows that I've level upped to 37, but catually I've level uped to 38. I just ranked up 40 minutes ago and it was a ranked match.

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I got the notification to update my BF3 browser plug-in to version 1.140.0.

The update downloads and the runs, but then nothing seems to happen.

In the Battlelog is says that the browser plugin is still installing, though nothing pops up on the screen.

I've tried re-downloading and running with no success. I use firefox & had the same problems, after i installed the latest plugin nothing happened, so i went to firefox addons and under plugins i enabled the plugin called esn sonar now i can play again!

I have played several matches and I'm not sure how to go about fixing this. 2) After that, you need to go to this link [] and start entering your game codes so it can propagate to your veteran status.

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