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I'm a transsexual lesbian I have been with only four women I'm a virgin I'm looking for marriage to a good trustworthy female I'm mtf trans-woman I hate horror movies am on disability, have developmentally challenged mood disorder skitz bi polar adhd.

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I love compassionate people who I am from Toronto, Ontario. I think Toronto is an exciting city and would I would love to find someone as interested in helping animals as myself, I spend a lot of time helping, it would be nice to have that person by my side. Having a coffee, I am a huge cfl fan, i like some other sports.

I am looking for people to hang out with down here and perhaps somthing more. I listen to heavy metal music most of the time but i am adaptable.

It is vital to decide what it is you want from a relationship, and, once you've established that, it is vital to look for that relationship in a space that can cater to your desires.

If these desires include a longing to meet someone with whom you are truly compatible, then the right space for you might be Elite Singles.

I am a very optimistic person that wants to believe there is good in everybody.

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