Carrie dating romo tony

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Then stationed in San Diego, California, for the U. Navy, Ramiro moved his family to Burlington, Wisconsin, in July 1982.

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In that short span, rising from obscurity (even here in Dallas) to national prominence, he had acted out the emotional highs and lows of heroes from Shakespeare’s Prince Hal to Homer’s Hector, and he had done it against the backdrop of the vast host of nameless nobodies among whom he could easily have remained.

You could almost use Romo’s quarterbacking statistics to graph what it must have felt like.

Romo began putting in long hours to improve his play, progressing enough to win the Walter Payton Award as the nation's top Division I-AA player after passing for 3,165 yards and 34 touchdowns as a senior.

Bypassed in the 2003 NFL draft, he nevertheless drew interest from several teams as a free agent before signing with the Dallas Cowboys.

He was initially far better at basketball, earning all-county honors as a senior point guard for Burlington High School.

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