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The program kept track of all activity on the computer including all e-mails, instant messages, Web sites visited and even every keystroke made from that computer.

Reports were e-mailed to her, and that's how she caught him. I think his words were, 'loose women in our area;' and also foursomes. I started paying a little more attention and made copies of everything that was going on and then I set him up and I pretended I was somebody with a different name and so I was able to have a conversation with him for quite a while that I found out exactly what he was doing, what he was saying."She's now in the middle of a divorce.

The big questions are: Is cyber-sex considered cheating? Christine suspected that her husband was having online affairs.

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'Cyber violence' thus stands to have negative impacts on a very large scale.

This paper is concerned with abusive online behaviors, which I group under the label 'cyber violence'.

As a first step towards understanding this phenomenon, I define and identify major cyber violence types, illustrating each with case studies gathered from the Internet, and summarizing recommendations for responding to each.

The advantages of defining and classifying cyber violence include 1) making the behaviors easier to recognize and name when they occur, 2) allowing strategies of resistance and redressive action to be articulated that are tailored to the demands of each, 3) distinguishing cyber violence from other, less serious forms of annoying online behavior, and 4) revealing underlying relationships between cyber violence and other phenomena, such as pornography, that might otherwise go undetected, but that help us to situate cyber violence within a broader perspective.

Yet a growing segment of the online population abuses the Internet for antisocial purposes, to stalk, harass and prey on other users, often with distressing effects.

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