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Meanwhile, although not universally recognised by the group, Sean Parker (“dob”), Napster’s other co-founder and the ex-president of Facebook, is said to have been present at the beginning of w00w00’s formation.

Many other former members of this elite hacking crew have become leaders in the Internet security and related industries, founding or working in senior roles at companies such as Cloudmark, Duo Security, Hotmail, Google, Yammer, Veracode, Cloud Volumes, Symantec, Security Focus, Immunet, and Sourcefire.

“Everyone talks about the Pay Pal mafia, but nobody talks about the w00w00 mafia,” says a person familiar with the group, comparing the impact its participants have made on the tech industry to the much-publicised successes of ex-Pay Pal employees and founders.

Formed sometime around 1996 and still active until the early 2000s, not a huge amount is known publicly about w00w00 or its precise activities.

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