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"They preferred a position where they could be on their hands and knees," explains Mc Ilvenna.

It is for this reason that Stacey Woods, director of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Important Things, has started Glory Be, a nonprofit community-outreach and think-tank program that brings community leaders, engineers, and local artists together to raise awareness about the position of glory holes at our nation's truck stops. "Fix a hole, fix a life."I've put calls in to every living woman, and I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple—Soledad O'Brien is apparently on vacation, and I think I must have an old number for Markie Post because it just rings and rings—but so far, the rest of earth's female population says, "It's all in the attitude."We understand it's natural for your hands to land on whatever's in the vicinity (head, shoulders, livestock, soft-serve ice-cream machine, senator, whatever), and some good-natured hair-stroking shouldn't be a problem. A lady's hair is really soft and pretty, but let's not forget what happened to that little puppy, Lennie.

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Here are Aldridge and Ambrosio’s expert tips for making the most of what you’ve been given: Get fit by a professional Far too many women—an estimated eight out of ten, in fact—are wearing the wrong size bra.

According to Ambrosio, fit should be priority number one. Consequently, she advises every woman to get properly measured by boutique staff before buying a bra.

The Hyper Texts The Best Vocal Performances of All Time These are the greatest vocal performances of all time, by the best singers ever, in one fan's opinion.

The best songs and vocal performances of Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog: "Say Hello 2 Heaven," "Hunger Strike," "Rusty Cage," "Fell On Black Days," "Black Hole Sun," "Outshined," "Seasons," "Jesus Christ Pose," "Burden in My Hand," "The Day I Tried to Live," "Imagine," "Redemption Song," "Billie Jean," "Nothing Compares 2 U," "I Will Always Love You," "The Promise," "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart," "Scream," "Slaves and Bulldozers," "Hands All Over," "I Am the Highway," "Loud Love," "Ground Zero," "Spoonman," "Cochise," "Ty Cobb," "Show Me How to Live," "You Know My Name" The Top Ten Vocal Performances of All Time, with a Few Ties (This is necessarily a subjective list; if you disagree please feel free to create your own!

A good fitter does more than just determine your cup size.

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