Chemical elements dating game Sexy chat numbers free

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Now in the usual speed dating format, ask metals (or non-metals) to sit at desks whilst the others circulate round with their profiles.

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Ionic compounds are named by saying the name of the metal, putting roman numerals if its not in the S block, and then the name of the anion with an ide ending. Cations and metals were boys; anions and non metals were girls.

Students lined up in the hallway and went on "speed dates" with members of the opposite charge, came up with the correct formula, and then named the resulting compound. Emily, Jeremy, Brendan, and Alan all in a row Manuel, Gabby, Laura, Jessie, Kari, TJ, Taryn, and Brittany all enjoying Ionic Speed Dating.

Some of your friends might have full names (long names) and a nickname (short name).

These are the words we use to tell others who or what we are referring to.

For example in nitrogen dioxide () there are two oxygen atoms for every one atom of nitrogen.

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