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In simple terms, consolidating debts is not the easy option it seems as there are lots of potential pitfalls that need to be considered as well as the short term benefits.

It is useful as a last resort if you are really struggling to meet a variety of monthly payments - however, once you have taken this step, you must be very disciplined about falling into debt again. However, there are lot of considerations to weigh up before you take this step - some of which will help you decide if it is a good idea, and some of which will determine if it is even possible.

Basically, you would refinance your current mortgage with a new loan or add a home equity loan to an existing mortgage that allows you to free up cash already paid towards the mortgage.

Then, you use the freed up cash or new debt to pay off your student loan debt.

Consolidation works best as part of a larger plan to become debt-free; it shouldn’t just be a way to buy some breathing room.

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