Couple nervous about dating friend

by  |  18-Dec-2019 16:00

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For some people, dating is the ultimate anxiety inducer. Getting to know someone in a group setting takes the edge off both of you.

Cue the nerves, the stuttering, and – ouch – the awkward silences. A double date takes a lot of the pressure off you, making it easy to be yourself. It’s easier to keep conversation flowing with more people, which significantly reduces (eliminates? Your mind will be less consumed with anxiety, so you’ll have the chance to actually get to know your date and have fun. A double date is key if you’re sort of into someone, but not sure how you’d do one-on-one. Having a good time as a group will give your date a good impression of you and leave him or her feeling like it was a success, and you’re awesome.

No one wants to be on a double date with a bickering couple.

I made this quiz to tell you whether you and a guy would make a good couple.

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