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That makes the “behind the scenes” info all the more interesting, learning about the reasons behind certain songs, interviews, and appearances in music videos.

As Cupid shoots his arrow over this week, Hip Hop DX collected some of the most memorable couples.

Its always like, “Why dont they just come out the closet already? And Missy Elliot and Trina’s photos together……but I guess its still too taboo for a hip hop artist to be publicly gay or lesbian.

But when I’m performing or just, on the day to day, or in the streets, I’ll probably have my braids with my hat cocked to the back.” Though Da Brat hasn’t uttered a single word regarding her sexuality, many people have hypothesized her as a gay due to her actions and her attire.

In September 2015, she was seen partying with her new girlfriend in Tao, a nightclub in Las Vegas.

Of course the break-ups prove to be just as interesting as the make-ups sometimes.

Over the last 25-plus years, as Hip Hop ascended to global mainstream success, the private lives of its stars have also become public interest.

In J-Zone’s just-released book , the producer/emcee reveals that he discovered sex by way of Darlene Ortiz’ scantily-dressed appearances on early Ice-T singles and albums.

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