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Bruce was close to her mother, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2012, while she is estranged from her father.

Bruce began writing for her debut release, an EP entitled Search The Night, which was digitally released on 12 December 2010.

She has an older brother, Thomas Brudenell-Bruce, Viscount Savernake.

This split has been evident for quite a while now and has nothing to do with any third parties. You see, Bo's real name is Lady Catherine Brudenell-Bruce as her father is Earl of Cardigan (seriously).

Danny is a sweet guy and Irma has nothing but good things to say about him and their time together.’ If Danny and Bo did get it on, and marry against a backdrop of nude children holding hands, cherubs, trilling birds and prancing unicorns, Mr. They're estranged, just to ad to the romanticism of it all *twirls* The opinions expressed in the comments section are those of the viewer and do not reflect those of

But Danny, The Script’s chisel-chinned front man, didn’t exactly behave like a gentleman either.

Remember the chemistry between them back in 2012, in the first series of the BBC1 talent show, when doe-eyed Bo endeared herself to so many of us with her distinctive voice and the sad discovery her mother Ros was dying of pancreatic cancer?

Today all she’ll say of her father is, ‘I’ve blotted most of it out because I can’t bear to talk about it.’ It seems Dad was an anti-establishment eccentric who made her life a misery.

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