Dating a very quiet man Live eyeball chat sex

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Breaking them all down is beyond the scope of this post. You’ll turn things stagnant, and he’ll end up resenting you for it.

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The snail stretched up its tentative little horns and the children smiled back. And I'd wonder, hurt, why he didn't reveal more of himself to me. The surest way to intimacy is to turn myself into a kind of whining, boring power tool. Even now I might catch sight of him at a party and catch my breath because for a second I'm not even sure who he is. When he cares daily for our children and me—lunch, bad dreams, the to-and-fro of car trips and conversation—I remember the relationship between "tend" and "tender." His heart is a string of mild, sunny days. Every day for 17 years I have been Columbus sailing up to the continent of his being, and every day for 17 years I have tried to plant my flag on its beach.

There may be much to recommend fierceness as a style of devotion—what with its hunger and bared teeth, its constant crescendo of connecting—but patience is a virtue, and I am not virtuous. Some days the gentle people living there have grinned, turned their hands palm up, and offered me unspeakable treasures.

That won’t change – this blog will always be a male space.

Many are women who want to understand men better, so they come here for unvarnished truth. Search engine terms show how they find this site: Notice a pattern?

But in the end, it will probably be totally worth it.

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