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According to Movie Pilot, Stewart was in the news recently for spending time and returning to a NYC hotel with Nicholas Hoult. Photo Source: Robert Pattinson/Instagram Sumeet is a blogger and life enthusiast.

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Twigs is not okay with it that Pattinson still talks to Stewart though the two had ended their relationship some 2 years back. But back then the pair denied to the media about any romantic relationship.

It seems like Twigs is overreacting as Kristen Stewart is already dating someone else lately. The source also added that Stewart and Nicholas feel deeply connected to each other. But it seems now everyone knows that they are hiding something and it is their love for each other.

There was a time when Gosling and Stone allegedly came very close to dating before Stone fell in love with Andrew Garfield.

Unofficially, even Gosling has an on again-off again relationship with actress Eva Mendes.

Normally, whenever a report pops up that Liam Hemsworth is dating someone new, Miley Cyrus has a meltdown and proceeds to throw shade at their relationship or act out on social media.

Dating actress jealous

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