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I didn’t have enough coins to jingle, but I did have a quarter, just one quarter, and the sign on the wall said “Cards – 25 Cents.” What the heck, I thought, and I invested all of my cash.

There were three winners in the first game and I was one of them. The bus station was three blocks away and I started running. When the ticket man told me the fare to Biloxi was .95, I felt numb.

For any scrapbooker, paper is the most important supply to have on hand, and a variety of colors and patterns is essential.

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It is usually best to just send a few questions at a time and leave space for the answers.

Send a large self-addressed stamped envelope and always send a follow-up thank you note.

If the person seems willing, it may be possible to set up a correspondence where you can ask additional interview questions. How have these relatives described their lives to you?

What stories have come down to you about your parents? What have you learned from them about their childhood, adolescence, schooling, marriage, work, religion, political activity, recreation?

Try printing on vellum or textured cardstock for a unique look.

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