Dating someone avoidant personality disorder zambia dating women

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Have you ever had a relationship with someone who appeared loving and interested in the relationship, only to later pull away when things got too “involved?

” Did you raise a child who would hug you and show you unconditional love one moment, and the next totally detach from you as if you were a stranger? Did they love you in a strange way, often equating “separateness” or “independence” with love or strength?

I had this feeling as though you were 'using me', that you were just 'avoided answering my questions' that you were actually 'not a nice person and just as a**hole', that you had 'no interest in letting me into your life', that you were 'not in love with me, but just wanted the company'.

I was convinced I did not understand you and felt I never would.

Their study included only adults in the 55 to 64 age range.

These older individuals make a better group to study because with more years behind them, they have a greater likelihood of beginning- and ending- their marriages.

Even children learn to love their parent(s) overtime and through various experiences.

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