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It's only a thirty-minute thrill, but it could be an introduction to the city of Rome that will keep kids intrigued through all the sightseeing to follow, when they'll visit the actual places they saw in the film. Via dei Santi Apostoli 20 (off Via del Corso) Open daily, am to 7 pm tel 06 6992 1823 summertime amusement park, with a dolphin show, otter and seal show, huge water slide, pool, parrot zoo, a multimedia theater and more. On the Via del Mare in Torvalanica south of Rome, or take take the free shuttle buses from Stazione Termini and Eur.

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Since many people use Jeeps to haul boats, recreational vehicles, and other trailers, it's a good idea to make sure you're keeping the load below the gross combination weight rating.

Africa scarification history shows that while scarring may seem like a new and avant garde form of body art, the practice is really quite ancient.

With their colorful bills, these birds are interesting to see and learn about.

Their exotic appearance is quite appealing to kids and adults alike.

Although there are other reasons for the practice of scarification, the quest for beauty is nearly always part of the goal. Scarring is quite painful, and requires great personal strength to get through the procedure without crying out in pain. The amount of scarring on a person's body correlates directly with his/her perceived strength; the more scars a person has, the more respected he/she is within the community.

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