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TVLINE | Even before getting infected, Damon was headed down a dark path. It’s not going to be an easy road for Damon to come back, because what he did was pretty bad.What we’re trying to explore is, now that Stefan is moving on from Elena after this whole Katherine chapter closes, he’s trying to figure out the next big movement in his life. He’s everything that Nadia’s not, although she might actually be good if she wasn’t so hellbent on finding her mom throughout time.And since his brother needs him more than ever, Stefan will be the one to kind of pick him up — in a very Stefan kind of way. If Katherine goes away, will her daughter still have a purpose? As Katherine is outed by our friends — the show’s heroes — her relationship with Nadia becomes the most important thing in her life, so you’ll see how that works out. So she can’t help but feel like Matt is this good person, like a wounded puppy. He’s also harboring this huge secret now, and she doesn’t than friends again?

Joshua had a bachelor's degree in business and worked for a number of different companies over the years.

Friends attributed the Powells' marriage problems to both financial stress and Joshua's "very, very controlling" behavior.

The stereotype of gay people as effeminate and weak is almost exclusively used toward gay men.

So to counter that stereotype, badass gay male characters are often Manly Gay or Gayngster.

But that is not always case with all—enter Agent Peacock.

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