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And besides, if a woman's chest is flat when she's young, they are less likely to get saggy when they get older. I will say that I think flatness on a petite woman looks more attractive to me than flatness on a full-figured woman. A woman has NO control over how much fatty tissue develops in her breasts from the time she is born - in much the same way a man has no control over how large and thick his sexual organ becomes from the time he is born.Flat-chested kitten syndrome (FCKS), is a disorder in cats, wherein kittens develop a compression of the thorax (chest/ribcage) caused by lung collapse.One possible cause for flat chestedness that develops soon after birth is atelectasis.

As a flat-chested teenager in the 1980s, I was at least spared those pressures. It wasn’t so much the occasional playground taunts of 'flat as a pancake’ as a yearning for a rite of passage that failed to materialise.

Friends would tell impossibly glamorous tales of being measured in the M&S bra department, but my call-up never came.

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