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1.2 Terms of Use Dependant on Residency (a) If you are a resident of Germany, clauses 2.12 to 2.15 inclusive and clause 19.8(a) will apply to you (but not clauses 17.7, 19.8(b) and 19.8(c)).(b) If you are a resident of an EU Country that is not Germany clause 17.7 and clause 19.8(b) will apply to you (but not clauses 2.12 to 2.15 inclusive or clauses 19.8(a) and 19.8(c)).The Daily Mail reports that the unnamed facility where Weiner is being treated “separates men and women and its program includes counseling for those addicted to cybersex and exhibitionism as well as addictions to anonymous sex and porn.” Weiner sought treatment in 2011 when news first broke of his racy online flirtations, partly at the urging of his colleagues.

Others, though, spend so much time on cyber sex that their lives and relationships suffer.

Cyber sex addiction has the same characteristics as any other addiction. A person with addiction to cyber sex feels cravings for an online "fix" much like an alcoholic craves a drink.

Beyond the issue of younger and younger children exposed to pornographic images is a new problem even the pornographers may not have predicted—that of the growing number of women presenting with cybersex addiction.

Cybersex refers to any kind of sexual arousal that occurs through the use of Internet technology—the viewing of images, the exchange of sexual messages, sexual video chat, etc.

Now everyone can view pornography anytime they like, and virtually anybody does: men, women, even kids.

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