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Sunset Hill Community Center, 3003 NW 66th, Seattle. There will be readings all evening long at various Capitol Hill venues.

Saturday, Sept 17, 2016, all day, Ballard Writers Collective Pop-Up Park, corner of 65th and 32nd NW in Ballard across from Walter’s Scoop. Wednesday, Dec 10, 2014, p.m., Lit Fix, Jewel Box at Rendezvous, 2322 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA. With Ryan Boudinot, Daemond Arrindell, and Sonora Jha.

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Kerri Majors, Diana Renn, and Kip Rechea Wilson are all published writers and mothers of young children, in addition to being the lead editors of this award-winning journal. Diana: I also think in YA publishing we are seeing more LBGTQ books coming on the market, and I’m seeing more of those submissions for us, which is great. Kip: Not yet mentioned specifically in poetry, but I do hope it is having an effect, and I hope to see more diverse subs coming! I can only run so many “death of a parent” stories in a given season, for example. Kerri: And there is something I used to say about YARN in the beginning, when there were no other YA lit journals doing all the genres and publishing writers of any age and stature, and even though there are more journals out there now, I think it’s still true: YARN helps rescue short-form literature from the dreaded realm of the textbook and helps young readers and writers see that short fiction, poetry, and essays are happening , among others. in German Literature specializing in the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, and loves reading work by both living and dead poets.

We invited them to sit down and discuss some of the secrets to their success. Diana: I have not seen that mentioned in a query letter. Kip: Yes, in poetry, you might get a “so close” because it had something similar to other pieces, and more of a unique twist in some way (language, subject etc.) would have made it a “yes.” Kerri: Knowing this from an editorial perspective actually makes me as a writer feel a lot better about those letters when I get them. Kip: For me, it’s the thrill of discovery, whether in my own writing or in editing someone else’s. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and daughter. Kip Wilson Rechea is the poetry editor at YARN and a writer for children and young adults. Her own work has been published in the anthologies, as well as in several magazines for children.

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