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The win saw the Girl's High crew of Demme Simkin, Rebecca Haylock, Samantha Nicholas, Tasmin van Bergan, Siani Tran-Lawrence and Amber Curtis defend the title the school won in 2015 in Canberra.Simkin was a part of the Girls' High crew for both title win but said she found this year's event better as they got to race 420 yachts rather than pacers which they had to sail at last year's event.There will be a fast one that does tactics, there will be one that just goes for speed and there might be another boat that takes out the other competition." "I still can't believe how many teams we won against and how many races we won."Napier were the girls' national champions so it was great to beat them.

Paul 13.00, 3 Adams, Lexi South Central 13.37, 4 Hedrick, Meghan St. Girls 200 Meter Dash: 1 Luedy, Morgan New London 26.34, 2 Powers, Olivia St.

Paul 27.06, 3 Cathey, Maryonna New London 27.88, 4 Woodruff, Mc Kenna Western Reserve 27.91, 5 Smith, Kristen Monroeville 28.06, 6 Adams, Lexi South Central 28.44.

I have been kindly asked to produce the Top 5 Haunted Locations from around the City of Plymouth, as you can appreciated Plymouth has such a colourful history and with this it is no surprise that it has its darker side of Ghosts, Spirits and fair share of hauntings.

To limit Plymouth’s Top 5 Haunted Locations is no easy task, so therefore I have based the hauntings on previously experienced and known paranormal activity witnessed by those who have been unfortunate to have come face to face with the supernatural realm of Plymouth.

The Plymouth Business Network invites business owners and managers to come together once a week over breakfast.

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