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This translates into lots of open pavement for riders psyched for some spirited adventure in a scenic and historic region that welcomes visitors.Kentucky-based rider groups, including a half-dozen Harley Owners Group chapters around the state, organize a slew of tours, poker runs and charity rides, especially on weekends throughout fall, spring and summer.Being Irish I may be a little biased in my opinion, but after 20 years traveling extensively throughout Europe mostly on two wheels I hold one solid conclusion of this route.

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From north to south the landscape never ceases to change, sometimes radically from the rugged Donegal coast, the magically mythical mountain views of the Connemara National Park to the unique limestone scenery of the Burren in County Sligo and brooding harsh mountainscapes of Kerry, but again this is just another part of the incredible journey.

There is also the Irish themselves who have an inherently open, curious and friendly nature, always game for a bit of craic.

I’ve been told that Key West is a haven for hippies, bikers, vagabonds, and free spirits of all kinds. I hear Key West’s siren song every year when I go to Daytona for Bike Week.

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