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“I’m not technically married yet but we say we are and eventually we will be,” he told So it’s hard to seal that deal.” Hollywood has reached out to reps for both Jeffrey and Hilarie to confirm whether or not they are married, so stay tuned!

[From Us Weekly] It’s not like Hilarie and JDM are some super-famous couple. Do you think it’s all about the sketchy timeline for when he and Mary-Louise Parker broke up?

In fact, the seeming weirdness of this situation probably gives them more press than if they had their publicists issue a short little announcement. Oh, and maybe I could understand it if she was leaving Hollywood and she was just tired of the life, but she’s still acting!

During her time as a MTV personality, she made her scripted debut on Dawson’s Creek in 2002.

2.) She Played Peyton Sawyer On ‘One Tree Hill’ Though you may not have known about her MTV days, chances are you’re very familiar with what came next: .

A few weeks later, confirmed the total random gossip and speculation that Hilarie had indeed given birth, and that everything had been very quiet and hush-hush, and that Hilarie basically went into hiding for a year. The actress was not photographed in public between May 6, 2009 and April 20, 2010, when she and Morgan went public with their romance at an L. And we got very lucky that our family is what it is.” But Burton still would not tell the AP the name of their son or his birth date.

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