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She must list all titled property in a living trust that is still held in your name and turn it over to the probate court through the estate executor, because it is likely to be subject to probate.

Where required, management has the skill sets to provide the property management, asset management and construction management expertise in order for our investments to realize their full potential.

With certain limitations, we will invest in real estate asset categories as well as most positions throughout the capital structure.

This site was created by John De Groote Services, LLC to provide information on the Complaint and resulting litigation against Bearing Point, Inc.'s former Chief Executive Officer and certain members of its Board of Directors. Munson in Contempt, and (C) Imposing Sanctions for Willful Violation of Confirmation Injunction that remain pending in that same Court. Three former directors of Bearing Point have agreed to dismiss a lawsuit they recently filed in Virginia against John De Groote, and De Groote has agreed to dismiss his request to the New York Bankruptcy Court to hold the three former directors in contempt and impose sanctions for violating a court order by filing the lawsuit against him in Virginia.

The case has been settled, has been funded, and has been formally dismissed by the Circuit Court for the County of Fairfax, Virginia. was one of the largest professional and IT consulting firms in the world, with an aggregate value of as much as $2.3 billion. Mc Geary, and Edward Munson to dismiss the Adversary Proceeding against John De Groote in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, while John De Groote similarly filed a Notice withdrawing those portions of his Motion for an Order (A) Enforcing Confirmation Order, (B) Holding F. Order to Approve Settlement Entered Today the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York granted the Motion for Entry of an Order Approving Settlement, filed on March 21, 2013, entering an Order approving the proposed settlement. On February 8, 2013, the Defendants filed a Motion for Summary Judgment along with Briefs in Support of the Motion.

The trust document establishes the existence of your trust, the role of the trustee, her authority to deal with third parties such as bank officials, and her authority to liquidate trust assets.

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