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As fangirls love to do, they paired up the idols as a fantasy couple – I mean they’re both the maknaes of two hottest K-Pop groups.Then netizens started digging up similar clothes that they alleged as couple items, and alleged screen shots of the pair glancing towards each other more than a few times during broadcasts.

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After graduating Busan Electronic Technical (senior) High School in 1996, he worked for Samsung Electronics in Suwon as an engineer.

Before entering the Korean entertainment industry, he was a member of a comedy team with his colleagues at Samsung.

Hitmaker Season 3 announced the official airing date!

MBC Every1 shared that the ‘Hitmaker’ season 3 featuring Jung Hyung Don, Junhyung, and Cha Hun will air this coming December 15.

He then joined various segments of MBC's Sunday Sunday Night and Exclamation!

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