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Nick - I didnt think about that Leah - YOU COULD HAVE KILLED IT!!! Leah - nothing Nick - [gets up, goes over to Leah wraps his arms around her] Joe - what are you doing?Nick - Im sorry okay Leah - JUST GET AWAY FROM ME!!! Nick - hugging my girlfriend Joe - dont you mean MY girlfriend [pulls Leah towards him] Nick - Shes carrying my baby! Joe - no tell Nick Im your boyfriend Leah - STOP PRESSURING ME!!! Nick - just tell him its me Joe - dont you mean tell Nick its me Leah - I pick ---- -------------------------------------------- hmm who should she pick?

Nick - because I love you [kisses her neck] Leah - IF YOU LOVED ME YOU WOULD LET GO!!!

Nick - [tightens his grip around her more] Leah - ow Nick that hurts! Leah - [crying] Nick - [pins her arms down tight] TAKE IT BACK!!!

almost the 100 th ep : D make sure you read other parts, i've uploaded a lot today and theres still more to come : D enjoy ----------------------------------------------------------- Nick - we were talking about me controlling you!

Not me punching Joe Leah - NO WE ARENT TALKING, WE ARE NEVER TALKING AGAIN!!!! Nick - [tightens his grip around her] too bad cuz you cant get rid of me Leah - please Nick, why cant you just leave me alone?

Nick - come on baby [picks her up] lets go fool around a bit Leah - NO! Nick - I dont care [takes her to his room] Leah - Nick put me down!!! Leah - [shakes her head] Nick - LEAH TAKE IT BACK!!!! Nick - [kisses her] Leah - [deepens it] Nick - [starts making out with her, rolls over so shes on top] Leah - [pulls away, lays on him] Nick - [kisses her] Leah - [pulls away, lays on her stomach, rests her head on his chest] Nick - [smiles, rubs her back] Leah - [realizes what just happened, sits up] Nick - whats wrong? Leah - but ----- Joe - [comes in] Nick can I borrow a ---- [sees Leah laying on Nick in just her bra and underwear] whats goin on?

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