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This instruction is the most efficient in cases where software only needs to invalidate a specific page, because it improves performance over invalidating the whole TLB. Thank's and what is the differences betwen those Intel? Intel-x86 models TLB-information Does anyone know where I can find information about the sizes and associativity of the TLBs built into different Intel x86-CPUs?

(10.9) See Section 3.12, "Translation Lookaside Buffers (TLBs)," for additional information about the TLBs. Celeron, Pentium IV, Pentium III Mobile, Centrino "Chusqui22" esc... The information I could get the CPUID function 2 according to "Intel Application Note 485, Sept 2006" does give only a few diffent possibilities that couldn't be all variations that exist for Intel x86-CPUs.

A materialized view is automatically revalidated when it is referenced.

In many cases, the materialized view will be successfully and transparently revalidated.

My solution was to copy the whole class, and some of the private support stuff it needs, from to a unit of my own, rename the class, and proceed from there.

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