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It seems as if Apple isn’t serious about Windows and want to demonstrate people that i Tunes work faster on Mac OS X because it is a better Operating System. Below we have covered five simple ways that will make your i Tunes faster in Windows, all that it requires is a little bit of patience.

Note that these tips can also work if you want to optimize i Tunes in Mac OS X.

So, what whis means is as you add tunes to the i Tunes library the tunes will be added to the smartlist if they meet the criteria. Why this is even an option is beyond me--would you ever want this off? But since I like to decide on a ranking in the middle of a song, I don't want it to stop when I do rank it.

Seems pretty basic to me, but I think folks have been assuming this means the list will be updated dynamically on the i Pod if you check this. So, I turn it off until I'm done, then switch it back on.

While browsing your playlists, you will notice that unnecessary columns are displayed by default.

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