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The Swiss Mennonites, unlike those descended from the Netherlandish wing, have historically conducted the marriage ritual in the home.

Although most currently conduct church weddings, they tend to be simpler than typical Protestant ceremonies.

If you decide you don’t like someone with whom you have been communicating it is as easy as discontinuing the communication—block that person from you IM and your email.

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The Umbitter (matchmaker) was usually a role played by the church pastor or elders among the Dutch, Prussian, and Russian Mennonites.

Among the Old Colony and Holdeman Mennonites a form of matchmaking continues.

That is a time saver right there because you spend so much time during the beginning of a relationship getting to know someone unless you happen to date someone you already know.

When you choose online dating you have the opportunity to learn about new people before you meet any one person.

I was surprised at how quickly insecurity about my religious identity reared up. I could identify myself by mentioning homemade noodles, mashed potatoes and lots of meat.

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