Mormon carbon dating

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He is an expert on the Maya, who inhabited the same part of Mexico and Central American where Mormon scholars say the events of the Book of Mormon took place.

Mac Curdy professor emeritus of Anthropology at Yale University and curator emeritus of the Division of Anthropology at the school’s Peabody Museum of Natural History.

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They found helpful information during their attempts to disprove the Book of Mormon and to find sources of how Joseph Smith, Sydney Rigdon and Oliver Cowardly fabricated the Book of Mormon.

While disproving the Mesoamerican model they were also providing evidence for the North American model.

Zacharias's invitation is particularly noteworthy since he was the general editor of the most recent edition of Walter Martin's The Kingdom of the Cults, which devotes one if its 20 chapters to Mormonism.

Pastor Greg Johnson, pastor of the evangelical group Standing Together Ministries, told the (owned by the Mormon church) he discussed the book with Mormon leaders.

The reliability of the AMS method of radiocarbon dating of bones is delineated in: Radiocarbon, Volume 34, Number 3, pp. The goal was to provide radiocarbon dates for samples that appeared from depth or other considerations to be pre-Columbian.

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