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I wanted to build an enduring company, a place where people have the opportunity to grow. And I want to make a personal contribution to our clients’ success, to the people who work here and to their families.I wanted to create an environment where people embrace the connection between both the business and the personal aspects of their lives. Since retiring from the Navy, you’ve had a full time focus on Commodore. What I miss are the frequent opportunities to think globally.Those memories are some of my favorites and will stay with me always! #YCforever - Ashley Partridge Your songs have lifted my spirits whenever I was down, they guided me whenever I lost track in life and they wrote stories of moments I couldn’t put into words. - Jana Angeles What an amazing 20 years it has been. I’m not sure who I’ll wait anxiously for a tour announcement from, or a new album announcement.

Your music has helped me from middle school to today. I wish each and everyone of you guys good luck in the future! - John Casuga I listened to Yellowcard when I was too young to know what the songs meant but when I grew up you taught me what love is, what loss is, and how to get through it all. For 15 years you have given me music that makes me smile and speaks the words that I could never find for how I feel.

You were there when I needed something to hold on to but also helped me let go. Every concert was so full of energy and absolutely amazing!

Your music was there from my adolescent years and will continue to be played throughout my lifetime. Although it falls short of how I truly feel, it is just a glimpse of how my heart has become empty with this loss.

Thank you for the music and all of the memories you have given to the world. - Kent Jacob Codilla I wrote a poem using titles of Yellowcard songs.

Joe has the global perspective of a business executive with 28 years of military service…

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