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Are you tired of surfing the spanking TGPs only to find that when you click on a gallery link, you've seen it before or worse you are sent off to a toplist or another TGP.

At Spanking & Caning you avoid all that, this is an archive, not a TGP.

What I'm struggling to understand is the debate I'm seeing over and over again and spanking children. There aren't posts everywhere saying " my dog misbehaved so I gave it a good kicking" " my grandma gets confused and became aggressive the other day so I gave her a good spanking" that's because it's not ok to do this.

Every time I go on Facebook I see some post stating " I was smacked as a child it did me no harm" "those children need a good spanking " etc etc etc the list of posts I've seen is growing daily. So why do people feel it's acceptable to do this to children.

In reality of course these are more classic punishment movies than anything instructional and theyre probably harder […] New Spanking Film is out called Experiment from Elitepain. A spanking film in the sense of a movie focused heavily on impact play and blistered bottoms. Lashville – Public Corporal Punishment from Mood Pictures. Corporal punishment is still common thanks to its autonomous status, which means that instead of federal laws the town imposes its own judicial system.

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