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I pitched for about a year before getting my first opportunity.

We decided to follow our recent study of women online marketing speakers with immediately actionable advice, a road map, if you will, to support anyone interested in growing their speaking career.

UPDATE: Survey Results on Top 10 Uses of Twitter are here.

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As web search has become an increasingly solved problem, some of our researchers have begun to switch their focus from Google to Facebook.

Facebook is unique in that it is able to data mine social patterns between real life friends.

Others produce steady streams of thoughtful goodness, insights and links to content you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Twitter can even be a productive marketing tool and if you look, you’ll find an amazing number of resources on it. Here’s our Top Rank Reader Poll Question on Twitter: I’ve limited the responses to just 11 to encourage our well above average readers to share in the comments.

- La Rae, Get in and Go The presenters were well prepared and had a lot of information to share. I gathered a LOT of info and understand that it is going to be a learning curve and absorb all the info.

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