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They showed me a sex video (of me) and told me that if i wont pay they will send it to all of my facebook friends.Are these guys the world's unluckiest nude runners?And Skype is now owned by Microsoft, a company you’ve probably also already decided whether you trust or not. Microsoft is much bigger – and used to being much bigger – than Facebook. Many more of those many more developers are involved with security. Fun is good, but like many things, too much fun often gets in the way of security.

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Old scams have a way of seeming new and unexpected when they migrate to a new medium.

In particular, watch out for Stranded in [Foreign Location] scams.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said officers followed them before finding them lying naked beside Beenleigh Road, where they were arrested.

READ MORE: * Miranda Kerr nude cover puts Harper's Bazaar in territory soon to be vacated by Playboy * Khloe Kardashian's impromptu nude photoshoot * Perth student finds and shares teacher's 'extremely graphic' nude pictures They were escorted back to the house in Rubicon Street, about two blocks away, where, after retrieving their clothes, each man was charged with wilful exposure and obstructing police.

So the first time they facetimed me (and yes, I know “facetime” is not a verb), was 8 AM on a Sunday morning. And yet, I still answered for one very important reason. If they are calling at 8 AM on Sunday, something is wrong.

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