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När han var fyra år skrev han sin första låt, kallad Raggarbilar.

Under gymnasiet studerade han med humanistisk inriktning med ”musiktillägget” (liknande estetiska programmet med musikinriktning) på Katedralskolan i Växjö och flyttade sedan till Malmö.

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Han antog 1996 artistnamnet Ola Salo, som är en palindrom där Salo kommer från Ola bakvänt samt begynnelsebokstaven i hans efternamn.

Numera heter han Salo även officiellt, dock inte i efternamn utan i mellannamn. Salo bildade 1991 gruppen The Ark tillsammans med vännerna Lars "Leari" Ljungberg, Mikael Jepson och Magnus Olsson.

’, Ola buckles to James’s advances saying, ‘Well, just don’t mess up my hair and make-up’. ‘His dressing room was close to ours and he had happened to be walking past our door at the exact moment we came out,’ Ola wrote. ‘I wanted the ground to swallow me up,’ Ola recalled.

‘We were running late for rehearsals by the time we emerged, breathless and looking a little bit flustered, having hastily thrown our costumes back on,’ she continued. Upon the awkward encounter Bruce said: ‘”Ola, you’re looking as lovely as ever. ‘When he walked away, James and I collapsed into a fit of giggles.’ James and Ola Jordan have been getting used to steamy antics recently, becoming the new faces of Ann Summers.

But he was also preparing listeners for the weakness of the material on an album that sounds somewhat thrown together.

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