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Many people asked me how is married life as we recently got married 6 months ago. Nothing has changed since we been together five years ago.

I don't know how to show him the amount of hurt he is causing me. He will literally blank out or fall asleep (right in front of me! He is totally blocking it conversations, so I stop trying.

I tell him that I am vey depressed because of it, but he doesn't buy it. I infuse small dosis and then go away for him to digest. After i confronted him, he was on myspace the next day looking at every mimimally dressed girl he could find even though he knew our marriage was in trouble... I think that what your husband is doing is also very disrespectful to you and the fact that he won't stop even though it hurts you is awful.

He promised me multiple time to stop but he always fall back into it.

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