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I cut this chunk at the middle that I thought was just backstory—a novice writer’s way of writing. While I was writing it, I realized that the main character—I’d originally given him a different name—was actually Sick Boy. I’m the British bad boy, and I’ve become a kind of airport novelist there. [Director Tom Mullen readapted a 1996 stage version of the novel and set it in Kansas City; the script has new material from Welsh.] Most American cities with drug problems, it’s all crystal meth now. I go all the way from Howard down to Dan Ryan and back up again. There’s culture that goes back so many generations—to come in as an outsider, you don’t always get the same flavor that people who are indigenous to Chicago would.

Pornorama (auch Pornorama oder die Bekenntnisse der mannstollen Näherin Rita Brauchts) ist eine deutsche Filmkomödie von Marc Rothemund aus dem Jahr 2007.

Der Film spielt Anfang der 1970er Jahre und thematisiert – mit dem Konflikt der sexuellen Befreiungsbewegung mit der Polizei als Rahmen – die Geschichte des jugendlichen Polizeianwärters Bennie, der die Produktion eines amateurhaften Sexfilms, seinen Hallodri-Bruder Freddie, die Karriere bei der Polizei und seine erste große Liebe miteinander zu vereinen versucht.

Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Mc Gregor and Robert Carlyle are all returning for the sequel, which is once again being directed by Danny Boyle from a script by John Hodge.

The sequel will be based on Welsh’s 2002 novel Porno but will not be exactly the same, the author has explained.

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