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Potato cyst nematodes and their chemoecological interactions with the host plant.

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in China—one of the companies that sells automatic semen collectors—told me via email that “we have sold more than 600 [units] in the last 3 years” to Chinese sperm banks, urological departments, and birth control centers.

It’s apparently becoming “more and more popular in China’s sperm banks.” Something tells me that with the scares about China-made products in recent years, American men won’t be too keen to stick their manhood in anything that says “Made in China.” Plus, at $3,000 USD a pop, why fork over major cash for some fancy machine, when sperm donors are doing just fine with the ol’ magazine-and-cup?

v=U6t Jk1d VIfw&feature=related Ever since last month’s China International Medical Equipment Fair in Shenzhen, China, a curious video (above) has been spreading across the blogosphere.

The gadget in question is apparently an automatic sperm collector, an all-in-one machine into which men can donate sperm (hands-free).

MAIN RESEARCH AREAS OF THE FACULTY Genomics, biomolecules and biotechnologies: fundamental and applied research Geographical differentiation of Lithuania’s territory in terms of state development and territorial planning Ecosystems and climate changes, preservation of environment and use of natural resources Investigation of nervous system and behaviour DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS MAINTAINED IN 2012 A.

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