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by  |  17-Oct-2019 23:38

I originally got an error that I then had both a data Source and data Source Id, so I cleared the previously used ID.

The code works, I can search the table and my query will return rows and update the table.

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The problem is that I want the data that it returns to be editable.

I have my grid view editable, and before I run the query, I can edit the rows of the table.

Description: When I attempted to compile my existing code with the My SQL Connector/NET 6.1.2 is receive the following message: 'My Sql. I have found a link of that indicates that the developer Reggie Burnett has committed code to the 6.1 branch that removes Return Generated Identifiers code from Command program. My Sql Client; namespace Console Application3 Tony You need to fetch the command from the commandbuilder. Insert Command = insert Cmd; Changed the code as follows but still returning NULL for ID.

My Sql Command Builder' does not contain a definition for 'Return Generated Identifiers'.

Is there a simpler way to set my data Source in C# and be able to maintain the editablity of the rows? I suppose part of the question would be would you want to?

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