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Thompson, an American master whose gonzo reportage defined an era, while his depraved appetites forged a legend.

Features interviews with Thompson, his childhood friends, his wife and those who worked with him.

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)She found references in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle as far back as 1021 and says the P (i.e.

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It also explores the new world of modelling in which models in video, film and photographs are sculpted by computer technology presenting images to emulate that are not even totally human. She demonstrates how learning to think critically was central to her own self-transformation and how it can play a role in students' quest for a sense of agency and identity. A History of African-American newspapers and journalism from the mid-19th century through the 20th century. DVD X5463; Video/C 5445 In the spirit of People magazine and Entertainment Tonight, an entertaining documentary about the frenzied competition among paparazzi for celebrity photos. Video/C 5393 Correspondent Hughes Rudd examines the past, present, and future of the newspaper business.

Includes interviews with teenagers and professionals working with eating disorder patients. Includes footage from many films and music videos, and news coverage. Video/C 4970 David Nasaw, author and professor at City University of New York, lectures on the noted California newspaperman and national political figure, William Randolph Hearst. A lecture presented in Dwinelle Hall, University of California Berkeley for the Friends of The Bancroft Library, April 7, 2001. With commentary by historians, newspaper cartoonists, journalists, and photojournalists, tells of the struggles against censorship, discrimination and for freedom of the press. The film focuses on Victor Malafronte, a young photographer who aggressively pursues his celebrity prey. Discusses problems such as newspapers' editorial politics and news coverage being dictated by economic consideration, cities that have only one newspaper, and papers that are bought by special interest groups. DVD 9604 [Preservation copy]; Video/C 239 The story of the life and death of author Hunter S.

The Civil Rights Movement was ongoing and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was being enforced.

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