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Socks come in every design and colour you can imagine.They are a new form of creative fashion expression.

Let imagination move you as you explore the streets and byways, the trails and shores; find what you seek in a secret shop where the Day of the Dead comes to life, or where a surfboard gleams with your name writ upon it.

Walk a beachfront road—discover a trail that tracks into a jungle ravine where butterflies float on a warm breeze; turn a street corner—find seven restaurants to choose from; look down the block—shops with clothes from the far corners of the earth.

You'd think she'd try and stop Ukitsu from finding her daughter and trying to wake the dragon, but instead she seems to just go along with it.

I am, however, starting to like Ryomou more and even Ryofu starts to become a slightly more likeable person in these episodes..

Anyone I have ever talked to who knits socks is passionate about it.

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